Engineer inspecting turbines

Trends affecting power equipment maintenance

Discover the five topics you should consider when forming a maintenance strategy.

Businessman with tablet in car at night surrounded by data

Doing more with data

Explore how data can help take your servicing strategy to the next level.

ShellLubeAnalyst lab

Generate savings with oil analysis

Oil condition monitoring can deliver cost savings, but it can also drive new business opportunities. Find out how.

Shell Remote Sense

Mitigating information overload

Don’t be daunted by your data. Understand how to leverage it to the benefit of your maintenance programme.

Shell LubeAnalyst onsite

Leveraging tomorrow’s technology for today’s maintenance

Connect the dots between hardware and data for smarter, more successful servicing.

Shell LubeAnalyst contactus

Becoming a trusted business partner

Learn how oil analysis can help foster business relationships by positioning you as an expert partner.

ShellLubeAnalyst existingusers

A guide to using Shell LubeAnalyst

From registration to results: discover the five simple steps to using Shell LubeAnalyst

Shell Remote Sense engines graphic

A guide to using Shell Remote Sense

From installation to insights: discover the four straightforward steps to leveraging Shell Remote Sense