Krisztina Lorincz plays a critical role at Shell, ensuring that fuel is delivered safely and on time for customers and Shell Retail stations across Central European countries. She’s Hungarian, and has been living and working in Krakow, Poland, for four years. Krisztina loves nature and adventure, and says she has the same energetic approach to life as her mother.

I’m Krisztina, and I’m working in Krakow for Shell’s fast-paced Order-to-Delivery team. I share the same zest for life as my mother, and have approached new opportunities in my eleven-year career at Shell with the philosophy that I like to turn a challenge into an experience!

Even now that she’s retired, my mother will climb trees to pick fruit, bake Pogácsa bread for family gatherings, or look after my nephew, Vencel. She says it’s her positive attitude and self-belief that keeps her smiling.

I’m definitely inspired by her, and I always share her cakes with my colleagues because I like caring for people, and doing things that will make them cheerful. I think it’s important to have a kind-hearted approach in life.

The ability to explore is something that I really value about my role; not only do I get to work in a number of locations around the world, but I also get to discover their cultures and visit places I otherwise might not go to.

We always make sure we’re ready for change on time, especially when it is to secure our license to operate. However, we never miss the opportunity to check back and make any adjustments we need to improve further. These meetings are essential, because sharing knowledge and discussing concepts and solutions are, I think, the most effective ways to reach the right conclusions.

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