Supply Chain Management

Contracting & Procurement (CP) / Supply Chain (SC)

Contracting & Procurement / Supply Chain is a part of Shell Business Operations Krakow since 2007.

The CP department takes part in global negotiations of Shell contracts and orders on a daily basis. It also establishes relationships with business partners from various regions of the world. Our team is a group of energetic, dynamic and open-minded people who are able to speak their minds and bring different ideas to the team.

The employees of the CP department are constantly supporting Shell in building its position as a leading group of energy companies.

Contracts and agreements are integral elements of the life of a big company, and the ability to negotiate the above elements is one of the crucial competencies in business.

Negotiate your international career with us.


Meet our CP team

What drives the diverse members of the C&P team to deliver the most competitive, risk-based value outcomes every single time? Here’s what they have to say.

Multilingual Jobs At Shell Poland

Our multilingual professionals use their language skills to help Shell bridge ideas across the world, and foster partnerships built on trust and aligned goals.