From contributing to the company’s bottom line to the thrill of deal-making and working with a set of diverse talents, the department offers a wealth of opportunities.

We are group of CP professionals and team players from a variety of backgrounds who work hand in hand with businesses across the globe to deliver the best deals. We do our best to support our company and negotiate most competitive global agreements, deliver savings, and increase the effectiveness of the company’s operations. While delivering all the above, we do not forget to have a fun time at work.

A man in a white shirt
Szymon Wrzosek

“Competency never remains unseen.”

Szymon Wrzosek

CP Sourcing Innovation Deploy Specialist

Educational Background: Master of Applied Mathematics, Filmmaking graduate

Working with CP systems and processes has taught me how to remain curious about new technologies but also how to be mindful about it and understand the related complexity - not only the technical angle but most importantly the ‘people’ aspect of every technological change.

This has proven to be a key skill in the ever-changing digital landscape. I appreciate how Shell creates a safe and dynamic environment to build the expertise regarding existing tools, at the same time offering great opportunities to explore new solutions.

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Ula Bilik

“Learn from mistakes and open yourself up to growth.”

Ula Bilik

CP Operations Manager, Global Functions

Educational background: Master Degree in Marketing & Management, Postgraduate Diploma in HR Management

I joined Shell corporate team as admin support right after graduation in 2007 and since then I have been growing and developing my professional career through various roles including last 11 years in contracting and procurement. In my first years as  junior staff and working closely with an experienced CP buyer, I already knew CP was the place for me. I have always valued interactions with business colleagues and our suppliers, direct influence on 3rd party spending, ability to bring real value to the company and truly making the difference for the company and people to operate safely and effectively under competitive terms and conditions. For me as a leader, it is also important to show my team that CP is also about finding one’s own purpose in it :  to respect nature or help local suppliers grow and develop.

I’m passionate about commercial upskilling, therefore observing some of my team members becoming mature and experienced deal makers or valued leaders, gives me the energy and proof point that I am in the right place and right time.

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Kasia Rodak

“Know yourself. Build on your strengths!”

Kasia Rodak

Senior Supply Chain Manager – Renewables

Educational background: Supply Chain / Science Computers & Econometrics /Psychology

In my work the most important are people and our Shell community! With great ideas, backgrounds, experience and passions in life, they are giving me a lot of inspiration. Being part of Supply Chain/Procurement organization is an opportunity to have direct impact on our business by delivering cost effectiveness, vendors development, supply chain processes improvements and commercial mindset. Moreover, I enjoy co-creation and delivery of the Supply Chain Hub’s vision and  brand.

My journey in Shell gives me constant development – professional and personal one.  I can be part and learn different global businesses, such us Upstream, Wells, Renewables. I also enjoy sharing with colleagues my strengths in capabilities building initiatives – I lead Development Community, Leadership Skills project and many more. I strongly believe that everyone can find something what gives him/her fulfillment and satisfaction (IKIGAI) at work.

My career advice would be: Know yourself and be authentic.  Focus on your strengths. Make sure you enjoy the role you have and accept advice from people you admire. Daily satisfaction and dedication help achieve the most ambitious plans for future. And the most important – join our SC team and have a real impact on our world! #PoweringProgress #EnergyTransition.

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Patrick Fraede

Patrick Fraede

SC GM Ops Upstream & GM KRK Delivery Center

Patrick joined Shell in 2001 and has held various positions in Refining, Trading, Supply and Shipping before becoming part of the C&P family in 2016.  He led the C&P community in NAM through a major transformation. He later headed up the Supply Chain team in Qatar and is now the GM for SC Operations Upstream and the Leader of the SC Hub in Krakow.

Patrick has a diverse deal making and change management experience. He is passionate about commerciality, delivery, and people. Patrick and his wife enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and cycling.

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Tomasz Mikolajczyk

Tomasz Mikolajczyk

SBO Transformation Project Manager EXC

Manager in Contracting and Procurement /Supply Chain Krakow HUB responsible for Procurement & Contracting process transformation. In the 12 years with the company Tomasz has been involved in various strategic initiatives introducing and leading Customer Centricity to provide best in market customer experience, Agility in the project Management creating scalable operational excellence, digitalization programs to automate and simplify core processes. In his current role Tomasz leads initiatives which aim to leverage scale and collocation of the Supply Chain Hubs to enable rapid innovation, deliver value across boundaries and grow capabilities of our staff.

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Krzysztof Pawlowski

“Data drives value”

Krzysztof Pawlowski

CP Lead - Data Project Mgmt

Data management is of strategic value to our organization, as we believe trusted data can deliver value across different businesses. My role in Shell is to make sure data is managed and utilized successfully. Together with my great team, we deliver data-centric projects to unlock business value. My experiences in Shell have taught me to think strategically and in organized way. The company also encouraged me to embark on a Project Management development path, as I thrive in the dynamic environment of both data and projects. Data is the key to the future, and I’m thrilled to be part of the journey.

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Michal Szydlowski

“Do not focus on yourself too much – focus on others.”

Michal Szydlowski

SC Manager Operations GOM

Educational background: Lawyer

The thing I truly enjoy about working in SC/CP is variety and strong sense of discovery. It’s a unique position that puts you right in the middle of the action! Every project is slightly different; every business partner requires a specific kind of support. There are so many opportunities to work your creative muscles! It is a great feeling to know that you can actually fix and improve things. All of the above means the work feels fresh and entertaining. In CP/SC you can definitely build and develop your skills in project management,  building business relationships , negotiations and overall entrepreneurship. I know it is a valuable set of skills that I will be able to apply in any role and field in my future.

If you are looking to collaborate with the some of the brightest minds in the industry and have the talent and the passion to make an impact at a global stage with the world’s leading energy company then we may have the right opportunities for you.