In Poland, Shell in Krakow boasts a workforce of over 5300 professionals, with 5000+ based in Kraków and 200+ in Warsaw. Our diverse team members hail from 60+ different nationalities and communicate in over 20 languages. We warmly welcome individuals with disabilities to apply, offering assistive technologies and a smart workplace to support those with diverse disabilities. If you have a disability or specific needs requiring accommodation, please inform us while completing our application form.

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Shell in Krakow: Explore opportunities in a diverse and collaborative community

Within Shell in Krakow, a diverse range of lines of business operate including Finance Operations, Human Resources, Customer Operations, Contracting & Procurement and others. These departments collaborate to support Shell's global operations and business activities.

Explore job opportunities at Shell in Krakow

Finance Operations

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As the largest department within Shell in Krakow, Finance Operations team is responsible for financial analysis supporting decision-making at Shell, one of the world's leading energy companies. The team creates reports for major stock exchanges in New York, London, and Amsterdam and collaborate on diverse global projects.

Customer Operations

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Customer Operations work extends beyond traditional customer service, impacting various SBO projects and involving close collaboration with business and marketing.  if you possess a passion for people, a commercial mindset, speak multiple languages, and thrive in an international environment, this might be the right fit. Our work extends beyond traditional customer service, impacting various SBO projects and involving close collaboration with business and marketing.

Human Resources

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Since 2018, The HR team in Shell in Krakow has been on an exciting transition journey, emphasizing business impact, employee experience, and digitalisation. The team strongly collaborates with various HR partners across the globe, to provide end-to-end high-quality HR support to our stakeholders.

Contract & Procurement

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Shell's Contracting & Procurement (CP) department engages in daily global negotiations, fostering relationships with partners worldwide. The CP team, comprising financiers, traders, linguists, and seasoned managers, plays a crucial role in solidifying Shell's position as a leading energy and petrochemical group. Serving as the face of the company to 19,500 contractors and over 32,000 suppliers, the CP department's specialists contribute significantly to Shell's success. In the realm of a large corporation, adept negotiation skills are integral to navigating contracts and agreements, underscoring the importance of Contracting & Procurement professionals in Shell's operations.

Corporate Relations

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The Corporate Relations team connects Shell with the world and vice versa, building trust, fostering internal and external connections, and contributing to Shell's future strategy. We're a team of experienced internal communications professionals specializing in change management, employee engagement, and leadership coaching.

Information Digital Technology

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The Information Digital Technology (IDT) division plays a pivotal role in overseeing technology operations and services for Shell's global business operations. Their primary mission is to provide businesses with a unified, user-friendly interface for IT services while ensuring that their requirements are well-defined and strategically met.

Order to Delivery

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The Shell in Kraków "Order to Delivery" team oversees Shell's European logistics, managing fuel deliveries and financial settlements for a diverse client base. Comprising dynamic specialists and managers, we welcome individuals from varied backgrounds. Their success hinges on analytical thinking, decision-making, a quest for knowledge, and relentless drive. They prioritise delivering value to Shell through collaboration and continuous improvement, making Shell in Kraków an ideal place for professional growth.

Lubricant Supply Chain

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As the newest department at Shell in  Kraków, Lubricant Supply Chain organises materials for Shell factories across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Joining us supports the smooth operation of one of the world's largest companies. The Lubricants Supply Chain (LSC) ensures global material deliveries, offering unique cultural and international project experience. Our LSC Logistics team manages stock, logistics payments, and European contract management. Working with Lubricant Supply Chain is a chance to make a significant impact within a dynamic team, ideal for highly organised individuals with a strong sense of priority.

Trading & Supply

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Understanding how fuel reaches the Retail Site and who manages international commodity trading is the domain of Trading and Supply Operations. Trading and Supply Operations in SBO comprise the Order to Delivery, Shell Voyage Claims, and Operations Support teams. In Krakow SBO, more than 190 individuals are dedicated to supporting Trading & Supply in its joint activities with passion, competence, and a continuous improvement approach.


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The Legal Team at Shell in Krakow serve as trusted advisors, upholding the highest ethical and legal standards for Shell's global operations. Their responsibilities include comprehensive support and guidance on ethics and compliance, integrity screening for business partners, Data Privacy, and Information Management. In Legal Services Projects & Technology analyses legal matters, while in Legal Services Global Operations. They provide legal counsel on corporate, Safety and Environment, and IT Contracting and Procurement.

Technical Asset Operations

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Technical Asset Operations is a diverse, highly skilled team with expertise in Petroleum, Mechanical Engineering, Geophysics, and more, supporting Shell Operating Units in Maintenance, Production, and Engineering, while managing Subsurface and Wells data. The global TAO team, with nearly 2000 members, enhances Shell's operations globally, focusing on safety, standardization, efficiency, and data-driven excellence. The Krakow team, established in December 2017, has rapidly evolved into a dynamic group of professionals contributing to Shell's performance and is expanding its capabilities, including in Reservoir Engineering, from 2023.


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Shell Retail is the largest mobility retailer in the world and the customer face for the Shell brand. Retail plays a key role in helping Shell thrive through the energy transition, helping customers transition to a lower carbon future through a range of energy solutions; from EV chargers and biofuels to gas and hydrogen.


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The Common Infrastructure Management (CIM) prioritizes sustainability, security, and workplace excellence for Shell in Krakow. Globally and locally, CIM integrates Internal Comms, Real Estate, Asset Protection, HR, IT, HSSE, and Finance, fostering a positive environment, ensuring security, offering flexible offices, providing world-class HR support, maintaining IT infrastructure, prioritizing safety, and offering financial leadership.

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