Shell Business Operations (SBO) Krakow sits at the centre of Shell’s global businesses, providing an operational backbone to our essential business functions. Working in a vibrant community with strong values and a supportive culture, an SBO-Krakow job will offer the chance to build a lasting and meaningful career. As one of seven Business Operations located worldwide, a job in Krakow will give you the chance to interact and work with people across the world.

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Krisztina’s Story

Krisztina explains how her career at Shell has provided enticing challenges and the opportunity to travel.

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People with disabilities

At Shell we encourage employees with disabilities to share their challenges to allow us to work together and support them in achieving their potential.

Bringing cultures together

Today’s talent is more diverse than ever before, having an inclusive work environment is key to innovating, developing and retaining that talent.

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Shell od 2005 roku jest Partnerem dla Bezpieczeństwa Drogowego, prowadzi autorski program Bezpieczne Szelki oraz aktywnie wspiera Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Dzieci.