Shell’s people are its top priority. Throughout the organisation several social groups and support networks have been established to bring Shell’s diverse workforce together.

With a range of objectives, including encouraging a healthier lifestyle and supporting personal and professional development, these communities help foster a company-wide culture of acceptance and mutual respect.

Here we look at four of these networks – the Women’s Network at Shell (WN@S), the enABLE Network for employees with disabilities, the Shell African Network and the LGBT Network – and the impact they’ve had on shaping Shell’s culture of diversity and inclusion.

James Gaubert, Chair of Shell LGBT Network UK

The Shell LGBT Network was established to help lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender colleagues have the confidence to be themselves and reach their full potential within a wholly supportive work environment.

James Gaubert started volunteering at the LGBT Network UK in 2011. “Put simply, I joined to help make a difference. I wanted to contribute my time and energy to ensure Shell stayed as diverse and inclusive as possible.”

In July 2015 Shell became the first company in South Africa to establish an LGBT employee network, marking a significant step in promoting workplace equality throughout the country.

Its remit isn’t limited to within the organisation: the network is also a founding member of InterEnergy, an initiative that provides networking and learning opportunities to LGBT professionals across the UK.

“The LGBT Network is a Shell ambassador and we’re keen to demonstrate externally that the organisation truly values the diversity of its workforce,” says James.

The range of networks at Shell captures our global commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive working culture in which every one of our people can achieve the career they deserve.

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